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Let us help you publish an outstanding academic paper. We specialize in editing papers for non-native English speakers. We offer fair prices and fast turn-around times. We offer top-quality Academic and Scientific Editing Services We specialize in the Life Sciences, but we cover a number of disciplines. Landing page for corrections Submit

 Why should you have your own Academic Editor?

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How does it work?

Examples that show how we can significantly improve the quality of your texts :)

Because you believe that your science is valuable, and you want others to see that you have a convincing and understandable scientific argument.

Because you want your readers to clearly understand the scientific question that you have spent months trying to answer, and easily identify the data that answers that question.

Because you want the scientific community to actually read your paper. Nobody wants to read a badly written paper; nobody wants to spend hours trying to decipher what an author was trying to say.


Because you want your paper to be cited - Citations will come from people who have actually read your paper, understood the message, and decided it has enough scientific merit to deserve a citation.

Visit our section “Writing Tools” for FREE resources  to improve your writing.Why do you need a well-written paper?

An outstanding paper contains good science, that much is obvious. However, even the most novel and important findings may seem uninteresting, dull, or even incomprehensible if they are not properly presented.

An outstanding paper is attractive and interesting; it is a paper will be read by a broad audience and will contribute (even modestly) to the general knowledge in its field.

In an outstanding scientific paper, the readers (reviewers, colleagues, students, or even the general public) can easily follow the author’s logic;  they can clearly see  the scientific question that drove the research; they can see how the results answer that question, and they can appreciate the paper’s value in a global scale.

For readers to be able to do all of the above, a paper must be well written.

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¿Por qué deberías tener tu propio Editor Académico?

¿Cómo funciona?

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