The title defines the content of your manuscript using as few words as possible. A good title draws readers’ attention, and stimulates them to read the whole manuscript. This is especially important in when the database being searched does not show the abstract of the manuscript.

An excellent title is the key to ensuring your manuscript will be found and read by academics. A paper with a poor title may be lost and never reach its intended audience.

A good title should include all essential words in the right order so the topic of the manuscript is accurately and fully conveyed. Indexing services will extract keywords from the title to categorize your paper. So, choose carefully!

A good title should state the core message of your manuscript using as few words as possible (the recommended length is 10–12 words).

Avoid vague titles such as “Effect of clonazepam on anxiety levels in children”. “Clonazepam reduces anxiety in children” is a much better title, because it informs the reader on the direction of the change.

For conciseness you must omit all unnecessary words such as "A study of ...", "Investigations of ...", "Observations on ..." In addition, you can eliminate redundant words such as verbs and articles so the title functions as a label rather than a sentence (e.g. “Reduction in anxiety in children by clonazepam”).

To attract a broader audience you should: use simple words and common word combinations, avoid using abbreviations and acronyms, and refer to chemicals by their common or generic name instead of their formulas.

How to choose the title of an outstanding academic paper?

A complete guided course that will teach you to efficiently write an academic paper.  

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+ How to create perfect paragraphs

+ How to use abbreviations effciently

+ Be a master at describing complex results

+ Prepare for manuscritp submission

+ Writing response letters to reviewers

+ Writing abstracts for science conferences

+ and more….

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